Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 31

I can’t wait to read the song in the next chapter, but first, we must discuss the bitter sweetness of this one. Moses is done. He’s spoken his last words. He’s written the book of instruction. He’s relayed to the Israelites all they need to know to proceed into the Promised Land, and Joshua is officially the head man. All this is wonderful news, except that now Moses has to die, and he is as sure as the day is long that the Israelites will never, ever be able to follow God’s instructions, even though he’s taken the time to write them out. And he knows it’s not even a matter of having them right in front of their faces. Moses knows that as time goes by, this generation and the next will remember – and FEEL – less and less attached to God because they won’t be able to relate to the journey that got them to where they are. The only surefire way Moses can ensure these stories are preserved is to write them down. But even then, he can’t be certain future generations will continue reading and following them. While the overall tone of this passage screams hopelessness and separation, the glimmer of hope for me sparkles in the fact that we are reading these words, discussing them and telling our children about them today. God is good (and big) all the time. And Moses was just one, but look what he did! We may be only one of many, but we are one of some, and one is better than none. In fact, the best and biggest things often get started with just one. You could be that one!

Writing prompt: the one

Write about ways you could (or already do) pass along this book of instruction. Get as creative as you want!


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