Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 34

What a proper way to wrap up the first five books of the Bible, and what a remarkable way to die, wouldn’t you say? When I first started reading how Moses went up to Mount Nebo, I wondered, “Did he have to go alone? Did Moses, MOSES, after all he did and said and wrote, have to die alone?” Oh, no, he did not. In fact, Moses was never alone, and he died with the One with whom he walked each and every day. I think in all the Bible we may never see another person on Earth as close to God as Moses. God wasn’t just with His friend when he died, but God buried his friend as well – and kept it a secret, which to me, says God wanted that little moment all to Himself. That’s how special Moses was to God. He was a dear friend, a confidant, a faithful follower and teacher. And Moses, wow, as I grow older, I’m thinking that view of the Promised Land was all he needed to say, “Ok, I’m ready!” What I mean by that is I used to fear death, but as I get older and get a few more things done and see a few more things I want to see, I think to myself sometimes, “Ok, I can see where people are just ready to leave the Earth and meet Jesus.” It’s hard down here sometimes! But also, it is FULL of wonderfulness, so I hope I get to count a few more of my blessings today.

Writing prompt: ode to Moses

Give Moses the credit he is due by writing a tribute, poem or song about him. Think back over the last five chapters and the purpose of them as you pat Moses (and yourself for reading them!) on the back today.


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