Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 2

I went back to my Sunday school coloring book days on this one and remembered most of the drawings focusing on the spies’ escape. That outer city wall always took up half the page. I suppose this would be a tough one to teach to elementary age students, especially the wee ones. I mean, first, do you really want to be the one to explain prostitution to first-graders? No. And second, how did the spies end up in a house of prostitution in the first place, hmmmm? Rahab is smart, though. And that’s more what this chapter’s all about. She’s heard the news. She’s put together the pieces. She’s formed her own opinion. She is an independent woman, after all. And God rewards her for her wisdom and faithfulness. If you’ll remember correctly, God told the Israelites repeatedly to destroy every person living in the Promised Land. Already, He is making exceptions. I LOVE the way God made exceptions then and is doing so still today.

Writing prompt: exceptions

Write about why you think God made an exception for Rahab, or write about a time when an exception was made on your behalf (or you made an exception on someone else’s behalf).


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