Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 3

God sent the Levites first. Did you notice that? Here these people are, on the banks of the Jordan River, ready to enter into a huge battle, and God sends the priests in first. The priests, however, were carrying God’s “home,” so when we break it down this way, we can actually say, God went before them. That’s what we should do, also. No matter the battle, no matter the obstacle, no matter the debate, send God in first. We can do that now through prayer. When we’re faced with a problem we just cannot solve by ourselves, we should give it to God. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially in day-to-day decisions when we just act on our own instead of consulting God first. I try to cover myself in doing this by asking God in daily prayers to direct ALL my decisions. Sometimes, I forget to pray that prayer, though! And I’ve made some really dumb choices in my life. However, through prayer, and asking God to lead me into recovery, I’ve never been let down.

Joshua always provides a good example of putting God first and asking God to direct all his steps. As we continue to read Joshua, let’s glean off his humble leadership style and try to apply it to our daily lives.

Writing prompt: putting God first

When was the last time you asked God to direct you or bail you out of a jam? Write about the experience and what you learned from it.


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