Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 4

God does some miraculous things in this chapter, and the Israelites of this generation should have no excuse to doubt His power afterward. Up until this time, many of them had only heard the stories about God parting the Red Sea. Now, they are seeing for themselves how He did it, but with the Jordan River this time … and no army chasing after them. The memorial they set up afterward is meant to remind them of those days. Memorials are funny, though, aren’t they? Some of them are only “special” to those who know the meaning behind them. A hundred years from this moment, the 12 rocks piled on the shore might not mean a thing to passersby. It’s this generation’s responsibility to keep the meaning alive through stories and writing. Reminders are great things! They don’t often have the same impact as the real experience, but they are vital to looking back … and moving forward.

Writing prompt: memorial

Write about a memorial that might carry more significance to you than to someone else.


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