Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 5

We get two pictures (plus a little cliffhanger) in this chapter of what was happening in Canaan during this time. The chapter opens with the mindset of the Canaanite and Amorite kings, who are scared out of their wits because they know the Israelites are coming. Through word of mouth or message or secret beacon call or whatever, the people in Canaan have heard the story of God parting the Jordan River. And if they’d heard that story, they probably had heard others as well, so they are shaking in their boots. In the meantime, the Israelites are feasting, relaxing and letting their freshly circumcised appendages heal. A day in the life, huh?

The ending of the chapter kind of leads us hanging, doesn’t it? It’s kind of an anticlimactic cliffhanger, though. I mean, it could end right there, and we’d just have to read into what it is, or we could see a whole other storyline develop afterward. Who knows?!? Well, God does, and we will … tomorrow. For today we have plenty to ponder already. The fact that the Lord has an army is one!

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” – Matthew 6:34

Writing prompt: army

Most of us have heard of the Lord’s army in one way or another. Write about the Lord’s army today. Get creative, or go research style. Your choice!


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