Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 6

I got a little choked up when the soldiers rescued Rahab. I had kind of forgotten about her. But God didn’t. The story of Rahab is quite impactful when working with women in the sex industry. Many of them like the thought of Jesus but don’t think they’re worthy of his love. Joshua 6 is a beautiful example of how everyone is worthy of God’s love. Everyone. And it’s not for us to make His decisions for Him.

This chapter also is famous for its storyline of bringing down the walls of Jericho. Magical. An awesome seen on the big screen for sure. Can’t you just hear Joshua commanding, “Shoooooout!!!!!!” To the troops? Gives me chills. I just returned from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where parts of the wall of the “old city” still stand, and in my travels I’ve been honored to see other walled cities and castles in different places of the world. Fascinating stuff, and it helps me to get a better picture of the scene here – and what a colossal act it would have been to collapse those walls into smithereens. Wow.

Another thing we haven’t talked about yet is the writing style of Joshua. Joshua is given credit for writing most of the Book of Joshua. The ending is believed to have been written by the high priest, Phinehas. I was just thinking about this while reading the last couple chapters and meant to mention it because I noticed Joshua is writing about himself in third person, which I have real trouble doing, and in Chapter 5, he threw in a random “us” in verse 6. Just a curious observation on my part. Have you noted any grammar usage in this chapter?

Writing prompt: third person

Write a story about yourself in third person. Try to make it “historical document” sounding, and of course, make yourself the humble hero.


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