Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 14

Oh, sweet Caleb. Like Joshua, I have trouble picturing Caleb as an 85-year-old warrior. It must be his name as well. Caleb sounds like a sweet young man, but Caleb is no doubt a very mature, faithful and wise “hero of the Bible” for many reasons. One reason, as we can see here, is his demeanor. Yes, we can learn a lot from Caleb’s approach. He had every right to demand his people’s territory. He’d earned it, but instead of being a greedy sap, he approaches Joshua to state his case with honesty and integrity and the best intentions at heart. But as I was thinking about the way he went about it, I also thought about Joshua’s character. I mean, why would Caleb approach him any other way. The two men went wayyyyy back. In fact, they were two of the few remaining who took part in the events that took place in order for the Israelites to enter the Promised Land. Caleb trusted Joshua. He had no reason to get all haughty-taughty and up in Joshua’s face about his allotment of land. He knew Joshua was honest, fair and as faithful to God as he was. Conversations like this go a lot easier when the trust has been built up already. For these two men, that trust had been growing for decades, and I’m guessing it was established firmly early on. Relationships just work that way sometimes. You just know when you know, right?

Writing prompt: trust

Most people have someone they can trust. Write about your most trustworthy confidant today. How did you meet? When did you know without a doubt you could trust this person completely? Have you ever had to have a hard conversation with him or her? How did it go? Also, write about how thankful you are to have someone so trustworthy in your life. We all need that, and God blesses us with these people, but sometimes we forget to recognize them. Enjoy. Be blessed today.


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