Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 15

Last things first today. Why couldn’t the Israelites drive out the Jebusites from Jerusalem? Another cliffhanger that may never be answered on these pages, but it will certainly be added to my list of questions to ask Jesus.

Now, for the rest. Did you struggle a bit with all the names and directions and places you (I mean, ahem, I) couldn’t pronounce? Joshua basically is writing out a map for us, and since we don’t have a clue where most of these places are, it’s very hard to get into the groove of reading it, huh? I getcha. Completely. Imagine, however, if this were your homeland. (And if you don’t have to imagine that – like, if this IS your homeland currently, then help us out here with some comments!) If you knew where these points and communities were, this text would fascinate you. Well, it would fascinate me anyway. I mean, it does fascinate me the way it’s written, but I’d be more enthralled if I knew anything at all about the exact location of the Stone of Bohan and had seen it with my own eyes. In my home state, I would recognize landmarks like the Red River and Great Salt Plains and Washita Mountains. And if I found an old document outlining boundaries for those lands, I would be completely stoked. How about you? Can you at least revere this text a little more fondly now? I hope so.

Writing prompt: topography

No matter where you’re from, it has landmarks. Do your best to describe a familiar place (region, state, province, county, neighborhood) by landmarks. Share it with someone who is familiar with the same place and see if they think it is fun to read.


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