Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 19

Did you get lost in the land of land allotments? It’s ok if you did. The important thing here is that it’s done. All the Promised Land has been conquered and divided between the tribes. We should keep in mind, too, though, that while it looks simple (and a little boring) on paper, it wasn’t that way at all! Each of these territories had to be taken by force (or at least some sort of negotiation or conflict), sections had to be surveyed by physically going to each place. The tasks about which we are reading took way longer than the amount of time it took us to read it, you dig?

I kept picturing all the little villages and towns popping up and how they might have evolved. Some will grow and perhaps even join with neighboring villages. Others will fade away because of underdevelopment and limited resources. Fascinating. Towns fascinate me actually. They are like living, breathing beings themselves. So many stories to tell.

Writing prompt: the vill

Have you ever lived in or been to a small village? Write about the people who make small villages buzz and think of the differences between big-city life and life in the vill.


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