Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Joshua 23

I know I should be focusing on the message and the fact that we know something went awry between the time Joshua told the Israelites that they can’t intermingle with foreigners in their new lands and present-day relationships, but two other odd things struck me today, and I’m going to elaborate on them instead.

First, my daily Scripture from my Bible app was from Exodus 14:14 (NLT): “The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

I really resonated with the fact that the Lord HIMSELF will fight for me. Gorgeous. So, verse 10 of today’s chapter just jumped off the page also: “… for the Lord your god fights for you.”

God fights for us, y’all. FOR. US. We don’t even know when He’s fighting most of the time. He fights for us even when we don’t know we need fighting for! I love this, and I love that God emphasized it for me twice today. I hope this serves as a reminder to each of you as well. Whatever your battle is today, God is fighting it for you.

I also underlined verse 14: “Soon I will die, going the way of everything on earth.” Ok, I just underlined that last part “going the way of everything on earth.” I don’t know what Heaven is like, but sometimes I catch little passages like this that convince me Heaven is a little like earth, at least in terms of good stuff, if that makes sense at all. I mean, if everything on earth “goes the way” that Joshua did, they all end up in the same place, right? That’s my Heaven – a place full of all the joyous things that make me happy and then magnified to a degree of fantasticness that my little human brain isn’t even able to comprehend.

Writing prompt: Heaven

What’s your Heaven? Write about it today.


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