Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Judges 1

If you’ve just progressed with us from Joshua to Judges and are keeping track of timelines, deaths and conflicts, you might be a little confused. Judges opens with the death of Joshua but requests some battles that sound much like battles Joshua just described in the Book of Joshua. The Book of Judges is attributed to “possibly Samuel” in my Life Application Study Bible (NLT), and if you’re following along up to this point, we don’t even know who Samuel is yet! But we know he, or whoever wrote this chapter, was privy to the goings on of the day. The Bible often gets a bad wrap for its timelines. They are a tad bit hard to follow, especially if you’re on your first read-through. Hang in there! The timeline here isn’t as important as the message, and that is something we can all see just fine – and individually – when we pay attention.

Writing prompt: questions

Do you have any questions as we start the Book of Judges? Write them down, and see if Google (or anyone in this group) can help you answer a few. And write down the answers, of course.


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