Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Judges 7

Have you ever been given a big task by God, and He proves it’s what you’re supposed to be doing by giving you sign after sign after sign that He is right there with you? That’s how I felt when we were called to go to Thailand. Things – CRAZY things – just kept falling into place, much like Gideon’s story, only I didn’t fight an actual war or anything. God surprised me in this story, though, as much as he did in my own, especially when he handed the Israelites torches. I thought for sure there was going to be a huge fire. But nope. Just utter chaos – enough for the Israelites to claim victory – with just 300 men!!! Incredible. I feel like I would have been one of those 300, too, because I didn’t even know lying on the ground and drinking directly out of the river like a dog was a thing. My mom would say that’s just uncouth. I’d have to agree.

Writing prompt: fun

This is a fun little chapter with more than one great story. Expand on your favorite part today, and try to combine it with a time when God came through for you big time.


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