Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Judges 18

I want to read ahead because I feel something is missing, but I’m not going to. Poor Micah, though! This is one story Jesus and I will need to chat about. I don’t understand why it was ok for the scouts to steal Micah’s idols, but I’m going to guess that God had a bigger purpose for them. It’s much like the passage in Matthew about placing a lamp on a hill. A lamp is good light for one person, sure, but place it on a hill, and it can illuminate a whole community. Maybe God was telling Micah that instead of trying to hoard God to himself, he should have shared. And the priest! He just ups and goes like he had no loyalties whatsoever. But did you catch the end? I think, too, that this priest’s identity is key to the okayness of all this happening: the Levite, who was never named until the very end, is Moses’ direct ancestor, possibly his grandson! Is that not gorgeous, or what?

Writing prompt: Micah

What do you make of the story of Micah? It’s a bit obscure and seems to have a few different messages (to me, anyway). Write your thoughts about it today.


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