Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 11

The defeat of the Ammonites. It’s not the most notable battle in the Bible, and it’s not the biggest one, but it is the one that makes Saul realize he can and will lead the Israelites, with the Lord’s help, of course. Saul is good and faithful to recognize God and give him credit for the win (v. 13). He’s also “mature” enough at this point to accept his role as Israel’s first official king. It will be interesting to see if Saul sticks to the values of looking to God before making any moves and thanking Him when the Israelites are successful. No spoilers for those who don’t know the full story of King Saul. Keep reading, my friends! It’s a thriller!

The right-eye guys (or the right-eyeless guys, I guess I should say) got me to thinking about what great characters this group would make in a novel or Netflix series. I’m sorry. Yes, my mind went there. Plus, this also was one of those passages I don’t ever recollect reading before even though I know I have. I mean, it’s pretty graphic! But how many Sunday school lessons have you heard about the Israelites with no right eyes? None. Maybe this chapter just doesn’t have enough oomph in providing a life lesson as other stories of the Bible, but it seems pretty significant as we read about Saul’s humble beginnings.

Writing prompt: humble beginnings

Write about the significance of this battle or conjure up a story about the right-eyeless guys from Gad and Reuben.


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