Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 16

There’s a line in this chapter that has forever confused me: “ … the Lord sent a tormenting spirit … “ Yikes! I never, ever, ever want God to send a spirit to torment me, but you know what, I bet we’ve all had one. I believe these types of spirits are meant to send us a wake-up call. Notice that when David, who was filled with the Spirit of God, was in Saul’s presence playing the harp, the tormenting spirit would go away. That speaks volumes right there. Sometimes our moods and attitudes greatly rely on the company we keep. I think I’ve mentioned in past posts that while I love my hometown dearly, I tend to not act as “good” as I should when I go visit there. It’s at home that I feel most comfortable, but it’s also at home that I sometimes feel distant from God. I know in my heart that if I’d surround myself with our church supporters, rather than my friends from high school, that I’d feel better about myself. However, I don’t always choose to surround myself with the right people because I do dearly love those who I can feel a little “freer” around. It’s tough to find that balance by keeping a safe distance and yet not pushing people away. I imagine Saul suffered with some of the same conflicts. He was king. He was mighty. He had nothing to fear … but God, and being on earth surrounded by loyal followers probably gave him that same feeling of being free to do whatever he pleased. Sadly, he didn’t recognize that when David was in his presence he felt better – not because of David’s beautiful music but because of David’s beautiful heart, a heart filled with the Spirit of God.

Writing prompt: good company

How about you? Do you have some wonderful friends who you love but just have to keep at a safe distance because of how you act around them? Man, when I go to my hometown, I find old friends, and we gossip and talk about people we never liked and all kinds of stuff I would never do on my own. Write about someone who you love but must keep at an arm’s length, or alternatively, write about friends who are filled with God’s Spirit and help keep you grounded in faith.


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