Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 18

Talk about frienemies! My former boss and mentor, Larry Hammer, used to live by the motto: keep you friends close and your enemies closer. I think King Saul may have been the inventor of this concept. It seems Saul is a little conflicted about his relationship with David, but more than that, he should be conflicted about his relationship with God. It seems so apparent to me that Saul had so many opportunities to please God but didn’t. He, too, could have been just as close to God as David was had he only relented in his prideful attitude – even just a smidge. I guess we can say Saul is stubborn. We also can say that Saul is a little hard-headed, arrogant and completely blind to God’s will. How does that happen??? As we read, it’s easy for us to say, “God is right there! Just look to him for direction!” But as we all know, that’s not always so easy. I have a feeling as we read on that Saul is going to pay the price for not heeding God’s direction and warnings. These next few chapters are some of my favorites from the entire Bible. I hope you’re in for a grand adventure!

Writing prompt: stubborn

Have you ever been stubborn even when you know in your heart that if you just relented that the situation would eventually get smoothed over? It’s a balancing act here on earth to try and stick to your own convictions while still following God’s directions. Write about a time you struggled with doing the right thing, making a compromise or completely giving up your position on a certain matter.


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