Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 20

Jonathan is in such a tough spot, and I won’t deny that I got that big lump in my throat a couple different times in this chapter. Imagine the inner conflict Jonathan must be enduring. He has found a best friend in David and accepts his appointment as future king, even though Jonathan himself is the first in line to receive the crown. His love for David is greater than his pride, unlike his father. And speaking of his father, Jonathan chooses friendship over family. That’s big. But more than that, Jonathan chooses God’s will over everything. I adore the second to the last line in this chapter: “The Lord is the witness of a bond between us and our children forever.” And our children forever! That’s the line that got that lump in my throat to burst. These two have not only sworn allegiance to protect one another in present day, but they are counting on the bonds of their relationship to trickle down into generations to come. For me, this is so significant. We can look at this story and see Saul’s determination to kill David, or we can look at this chapter as a sign that God’s love and protection prevails through all times and situations. I’m going to focus on the latter today.

Writing prompt: bond

Do you have a bond with someone that you would never break? I have a couple friends who I love this much, people who I would choose to protect no matter the consequences, even if that meant going against my own family’s wishes. How about you? Write about an unbreakable bond you have with someone, or if you don’t, write about why you think that is.


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