Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 21

So, the lesson from this chapter is that it’s ok to lie to a priest as long as you’re running for your life from the king? That might be what some people read into this. For me, the lesson here is that David, even though selected by God to be the next king, is just as human as everyone else. He’s scared. He’s on the lamb. He’s literally hiding for his life, not just from King Saul, but apparently from others who fear his status as well. King Achish’s men didn’t want him in Gath, probably because they feared either the wrath of Saul or the wrath of God, who obviously was with David. While we may not know exactly how to interpret this chapter, we can deduce how David may have been feeling, and that will help us to relate to his plight in future chapters.

Writing prompt: in hiding

Have you ever had to hide out? Or have you ever hidden just because you didn’t want to be found? Write about a time you chose to lie low (lay low?).


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