Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 22

If King Saul had not sealed his fate already, he certainly has now. We could say he’s gone off the deep end. He’s killed 85 priests and their families in his wrath to end the unbegun (I think I made a new word there) reign of King David. More than this, however, he has caused David great grief that he never intended. Because David first ran to Ahimelech for help, he and his family – as well as dozens of others – have been slaughtered. This is grave news for Israel on several fronts. First, their king has gone cuckoo, and now many of their priests are dead. Plus, their future king is in hiding, and it seems like whoever he comes into contact with may be doomed. Yikes! It’s a dire time in the Promised Land, but it also is an extremely hopeful time. Did you notice that all but one of Saul’s men refused to kill the priests? And many people have gathered with David to help protect him and keep him safe. God never leaves us, and we will see how David clings to this promise in chapters to come. Oh, this is indeed one of my favorite books in the Bible! So many more adventures await!

Writing prompt: protection and provision

David is getting ready to rely on God’s protection and provision. Even though none of us has most likely never had to hide out from a king who wants to kill us, we all probably have had to rely on God for protection and provision in our own ways. Write about a time when you know in your heart that God and God alone helped you through a situation.


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