Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 26

Saul seems a little wishy-washy, huh? He JUST promised David he wouldn’t kill him after David spared him in the “bathroom” cave. Now, he’s snuck up on him again with intent to kill. God, however, is watching out for David. You can’t get a better protector than that! He even made sure Saul’s men slept deeply when David and his men were right there among them. At the end of the chapter, we hear Saul promise the same thing he’s promised before: he will not kill David, to whom he refers several times as his son. It was hard to believe Saul’s promises in the past, and it’s even harder to believe them now. Let’s read on and see if Saul is serious this time.

Writing prompt: Saul’s promises

Write about Saul’s empty promises. Compare Saul to someone you know who just can’t seem to keep an oath.


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