Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 27

Wow. David is so desperate to keep his life that he not only goes to live with his enemies, but he starts fighting for them, too. It’s a little hard to see all that’s happening here because the names are unfamiliar, but the one name we definitely should recognize is that of the tribe of Judah. David is essentially attacking his own people for the king of the Philistines in order to save his own life. His plan worked in a way because Saul finally left him alone, but David indeed has been anointed as Israel’s next king, and his actions now may not go over very well with the people in his future kingdom.

Writing prompt: desperation

Have you ever had to work for the “enemy” to avoid conflict? I doubt any of us has experienced the extreme conversion that David did, but we’ve most likely had to do some stuff we didn’t want to in order to avoid conflict. Think of a time you had to do something that was against your beliefs – or at least something you didn’t want to do – in order to accomplish a greater task.


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