Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 28

The mediums and references to “witchcraft” and pagans and other gods in the Old Testament always throw me for a loop. If we are to believe the whole Bible, then we are to believe that these forces exist. I guess what I wonder most is how often they were used back in Saul’s day. I mean, obviously, he outlawed them, so they weren’t used much in Israel, but mediums still existed then, and they still exist today. At least, I’m told they still exist today. I hear the stories. I see the movies. In real life, though, I’ve never gone to or met an actual medium. I guess if you count the time at the Oklahoma State Fair when I went to the fortune teller, you could say that I did indeed consult a medium. I remember feeling a little uneasy about it, too, but I also remember thinking that it was fake and that whatever she said was all in the fun of the moment. I don’t remember a thing about what she said, so obviously, her prediction was not as life-changing for me as the medium’s vision was for Saul. Whether we believe in mediums or not, we get some great foreshadowing from this one. We know by God’s promises that Saul will for sure die and that David will become king. This chapter lets us know that the inevitable may soon happen.

Writing prompt: mediums

What’s your opinion of mediums, psychics, prophets, people who have visions, etc.? I believe wholeheartedly that God speaks to us through visions and through special messengers. I don’t always recognize these messages as God things when they happen, but I often can look back on some events and know for certain that God was right there with me, whispering – and sometimes shouting (whisper screaming!) – in my ear. Write about a time when you know God spoke to you, or write your take on mediums, psychics, prophets, people who have visions, etc.


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