Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 29

If you’ve ever read 1 Samuel before, did you remember that David fought for the enemy … and lived with them for YEARS (v. 3)? Because I didn’t. This actually came as a surprise to me. David, in his hiding, didn’t just hide, he literally joined up with the enemy and was killing off hundreds, if not thousands, of his fellow countrymen. He did it so well and so often that the king of the Philistines trusted him completely. Members of the Philistine army, however, were not as convinced of David’s loyalty as King Achish was though, and I can’t say that I blame them. In other battles, David was fighting “commoners,” village people, if you will. In this battle, the Philistines were going head-to-head with the Israelite king, meaning that a victory over him could spell utter defeat for Israel. The Philistines know David is next in line for king, so this battle is a little different, and the Philistine army has good reason to be nervous.

Writing prompt: fighting with the enemy

Have you ever been in David’s position? I mean, I’m sure if you have it was on a little less grander of scale, but there are times in our lives when we must play nice with the enemy to achieve greater goals. Write about a time when you had to suppress your loyalties to one team – or play on the enemy’s side – to achieve a greater good. If you can’t think of a time you’ve had to do this, write about what you think David’s emotions are right now as he is forced to stand down at a time when he is about to take the throne.


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