Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Samuel 31

The ending chapter of 1 Samuel sets David up to take his throne as king, but as we can see, he will have a battle with the Philistines to win before that happens. Saul’s death is a tragic one, for sure. Even though he hasn’t been as upstanding as we, the Israelites and God had hoped, he still had some qualities we could respect. His armor bearer certainly loved him, and I don’t know about you, but the death of Jonathan was perhaps the saddest death of all. It’s hard to read about his ending and the subsequent display the Philistines made with his and the others’ bodies. But what we do have is closure. While I didn’t want to see Jonathan die, or Saul die the way he did, for that matter, we can be confident now that David will soon come into his own, just the way God planned and predicted several chapters ago.

Writing prompt: what do you expect?

1 Samuel lays out David’s rise to king by giving us a picture of what he endured to get the title. If this were the last chapter of the Bible you ever read, write about what you expect to happen now.


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