Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Samuel 5

Finally, David comes into his own. We’ve waited a long time for this! This chapter moves fast and covers a lot of ground. It tells us David reigned for 40 years and that he was busy with A LOT of concubines and wives in between battling the Philistines and ruling Israel. One thing we haven’t talked about since beginning 2 Samuel, though, is the writing style. Like, Samuel died in the Book of 1 Samuel, so why do we even have a second Samuel, and who is behind the lines in it? According to my Life Application Study Bible (NLT), the author of 2 Samuel is unknown, but some scholars attribute the text to Nathan’s son, Zabud, because the book includes writings from Nathan and Gad. I know a lot of smart people came to this conclusion, so I’m just gonna roll with it. I was struck yesterday by the fact, however, that King David is a MAJOR Bible hero. Everyone knows him. He’s given credit for writing Psalms, and he’s one of THE most known people from the Bible in the history of history. Yet, there is no Book of David. And the books in which he is featured are named after a priest that died in the middle of David’s up-and-comings. Curious, no?

Writing prompt: textual

Let’s get textual, shall we? What have you noticed about the writings of 1 and 2 Samuel? Anything? Anyone? Write about your impression of the text, what you think about the writers … anything really. Write about what you’ve noticed, what you like or dislike. Just write. And be blessed. Always be blessed. Amen.


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