Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Samuel 15

We knew by the foreshadowing in the last verse of Chapter 14 that there was more than likely a reconciliation about to take place, but oh, did we anticipate the betrayal of King David by Absalom? I had forgotten about it, tbh. And I was taken aback by Absalom’s actions. But I probably shouldn’t have been. I knew in my mind that Absalom has kind of a shady reputation when brought up in today’s conversations, but I couldn’t remember exactly why. Nowwww, it’s coming back to me. At first, I was kind of like, “Is he being sincere, or is he just being sneaky?” Then by the end of the chapter, it’s all out in the open. Sneaky snake, that Absalom! And thus begins another escape into hiding by King David. It seems he’s spent a majority of his reign in a cave, and here he goes again. (I just broke out into that Whitesnake song in my head, and now I’m picturing David Coverdale flinging around his bleach-blonde locks while Tawny Kitaen slithers across the hood of a car. Sorry. A curse from MTV and the ‘80s that still haunts me.) And this time all this trouble is brought about by his own son! Scoundrel.

Writing prompt: betrayal

Have you ever been betrayed? That’s kind of a rhetorical question. Duh. Write about a time you’ve been betrayed.


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