Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Samuel 22

Along with being the king of Israel and a great warrior, David is known in Christian circles as a songwriter and singer who worshipped the Lord through dance and song. This chapter definitely embodies those characteristics. It’s sometimes hard to read these songs in English because we lose the rhythm and rhyme in which they surely were written originally, but we still can see the deep, deep meaning and envision some of David’s perceptions of Almighty God. Check out verses 8 to 16. If those lines don’t paint a vivid picture of God for you, READ THEM AGAIN!!! There are dark storm clouds and burning coals and blazing brightness, lightning, wind and rain – all for the sake of one man. Now, after reading all that, you may also get the impression that David is a bit confident in the Lord’s love for him. You might say, “David really thinks he’s the bees knees with God, doesn’t he???” You bet he was! But what I want you to see most of all is that anyone can sing this song. Anyone can recite these words. Anyone can be loved by God in the same way David was. Remember, David wasn’t perfect, either. Hashtag Bathsheba. But even after he flubbed up, he KNEW that God had forgiven him because he turned his heart completely over to his Heavenly Father. So, in this song, he could say things like, “I am blameless before God (v. 24)” and “He has seen my innocence (v. 25)” and “The Lord rewarded me for doing right (v. 21).” We can judge David for his mistakes all we want, but he knew his heart was right before the Lord, and because of this, he was able to write boldly and sing boldly about it. I encourage you to read this song again and really concentrate on each individual line. Put yourself in David’s shoes, and rejoice in the fact that the Lord wants us to feel the exact same way!

Writing prompt: rewrite

Rewrite this song in your own words using yourself as the focus of God’s unfailing love and protection. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your writing and dedicate your new song to God, the One Who protects, forgives, heals and guides. Amen.


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