Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Kings 1

Battling for King David’s throne has begun, but thankfully, we see a different ending in the chapter than we’ve seen in the past. The outcome is quite beautiful, really, especially after what we’ve been reading about Absalom and before that, King Saul. These two brothers, Adonijah and Solomon, seem to be humble in their dealings. It’s easy to see why Adonijah thought he was to be the next king, and it’s encouraging to see that Solomon felt to be merciful to his older brother. We get the sense from past chapters that Bathsheba and her children were favored by King David. We don’t really know why, but we can deduce from the text that King David loved Bathsheba and vice versa, regardless of how their marriage came about. This book is the beginning of a new reign in Israel. King David is old. His life is coming to an end, but he still is of sound mind to make decisions, and we can see from the wording that he continues to rely on God for direction. We also can see that his children have learned a lot from their father and have inherited great responsibilities. As we read on, let’s not forget from where Solomon hails and use his past as a guide in our present.

Writing prompt: humble beginnings

Write about your first impressions of both Adonijah and Solomon.


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