Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Kings 13

Sometimes God throws us a loop. This chapter surely is one of those. It’s a good testament that we should listen to what God tells us instead of trusting people, even when they seem right and good. The man of God was doing well obeying God’s commands until he met the old prophet, whom the man of God thought he could trust … just because he knew he was a prophet. God often sends messengers in this way. As I was contemplating the lesson from this chapter, I was reminded of several years ago when I wrote something that I felt came straight from my heart, words that God laid on my heart to relay through my blog. I was confident in the fact that I was supposed to write those words. And then I received a message from a trusted friend and mentor who had been a long-time supporter of our ministries. He had been my Sunday school teacher at one time even. I had relied on him for years and years for guidance and prayer. In his message to me, however, he told me that maybe I shouldn’t always write exactly what was on my mind, that maybe sometimes I should just keep things to myself. I believed him, and because of his note, for several years, and even to this day maybe, I have kept many things to myself. I stopped sharing much on social media. I stopped writing about many things that God has put on my heart. Funny, I am just realizing today that I have been the man of God who listened to a prophet – a human – instead of God. When I finished reading this chapter, I thought, “What in the world am I going to write about all this???” But as the Spirit guided me, I realized this chapter is about me! It’s also probably about you.

Writing prompt: stifled

Have you ever listened to man rather than God. As I illustrated above, I think we all have. Write about a time you wish you would have followed what the Spirit was telling you rather than what a person convinced you to believe.


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