Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Kings 18

The introduction of Elijah in the last chapter opened our eyes to see how much the Lord favored him. This chapter points out that Elijah is the last of his kind – one man. And God again used one man to prove to all of Israel that He is Lord. If you’ve studied the Bible at all or even attended church on occasion, you more than likely have heard stories about Elijah, and if you’ve paid any attention at all to God’s teachings, you know that He often uses just one person to teach hundreds and thousands of others. Sometimes we forget that we, too, can be that one person. We can be the person that testifies on behalf of the Lord. We can be that person who shows hundreds of thousands that God can burn up wet wood. We can turn hearts that are set on fake gods to the One True God. Elijah is one great example of that. Obadiah is an example of that also. Through God’s grace and promises, he was able to keep 100 prophets from being slain at the hands of Ahab, who went against God’s instruction, even though he knew full well what those instructions were. Sometimes it takes just one to move thousands into knowing and believing in the All Mighty God, who never leaves us and always answers our prayers.

Writing prompt: the one

Have you ever been the one? Write about an experience you’ve had about telling others about God’s love and promises. If you don’t have an example, write about ways you can be the one.


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