Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Kings 1

Don’t you get the feeling that if King Ahaziah would have just humbled himself before the Lord that he wouldn’t have died in his bed? I do. And I think that’s what this story is all about. It’s played out through the king’s captains and soldiers. The first captain went head-on to Elijah, not considering who he truly was, as did the second captain. The third captain, however, saw the force behind Elijah’s ability to cause great events. Perhaps, he remembered when Elijah ordered the wet wood to burn on Mt. Carmel or he’d heard how Elijah outran Ahab’s chariots after predicting a great rain storm. Or maybe he just worshiped God and knew He was there with Elijah. Any way it happened, he approached Elijah with caution and humility. When Elijah went to King Ahaziah and gave him God’s message, Ahaziah should have done the same. His story in The Book of the HIstory of the Kings of Israel may have been a little longer.

Writing prompt: humility

Have you ever had to go to God and humble yourself, or better yet, do you need to go to God and humble yourself? I can answer yes to both of these, but you can decided which you want to write about today.


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