Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Kings 9

I’m confused whether Jehu is from Judah or from Israel, but I guess it doesn’t matter because he’s king of both now! I guess. That is yet to be seen. But if Jehu, who is son of Jehoshaphat, son of Nimshi, is the son or grandson of Jehoshaphat who was king of Judah, then that would mean Jehu is from Judah, so being deemed king of Israel by some newbie prophet is a really big deal. It’s a big deal anyway even if Jehu is a commander in Israel’s army. Either way, in the end (or new beginning?), God’s prophecy over Ahab and Jezebel came to fruition. That reminds me, too, that in an earlier chapter I wondered if Jezebel was alive or dead because we hadn’t heard about her in a while, so this chapter answers that question. I found it a bit twisty that Jezebel took the time to fix herself up when she heard that the new king was coming to her palace, and then it was two or three eunuchs who took the initiative to throw Jezebel out the window. Who says the Bible is boring?

Writing prompt: Jehu

What are your thoughts about Jehu and where he is from? Did I miss something? What just happened here? Do some research and see if you can figure out if Jehu comes from Judah or Israel? Either way, this seems big!


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