Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Kings 11

Whoa! What a story! What a script it would make! And who are the Carite mercenaries anyway??? I feel like this chapter was movie-length long. So much was stuffed into just a few paragraphs. This chapter also answers my question of what was going on with Judah while King Jehu was ruling. Ahaziah’s mother was in charge! And apparently, she wasn’t very nice about it. She killed off all her grandchildren and relatives in a tizzy, and then a priest undermined her. In fact, he didn’t just undermine her: he got the entire group of palace guardsmen – and Carite mercenaries??? – to help him! And who do you think will advise the seven-year-old king now that he’s taken his place on the thrown? It seems Jehoiada the priest has been with King Joash since his birth, or at least he’s been around the boy long enough to know who he is, and he knows the palace well enough to overthrow the sitting queen. That gives us good reason to believe that Jehoiada has been around awhile. And his position seems to be a good thing for Judah. He seems to be adamant on following God and having others in the kingdom do the same. I hope we get to read more about King Joash and Jehoiada, but even if we don’t, I’m satisfied with the outcome of this chapter.

Writing prompt: Carite mercenaries

Help me Google today, and write about what you find regarding the Carite mercenaries.


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