Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Kings 12

I just want a Netflix series about King Joash now, don’t you??? I have loved these last two chapters about his reign. I predicted in the last chapter that Jehoiada the priest would counsel him, and I was glad to see that his guidance got Judah back on track with God. The whole of this sacred territory is really starting to take shape, isn’t it? I mean, compared to what we still see in that region today. Judah, which is based in Jerusalem, has generally been ruled by kings who do what is pleasing to God. Whereas Israel, which from what I can tell takes up a pretty large territory all around Jerusalem, has had all sorts of shady kings. There’s such a precious picture there of little, bitty Judah. Reminds me of the Hopi Nation in Arizona. If you don’t know much about the Hopi, look them up! Fascinating people. Anyway, back to Neflix, I mean, King Joash. While these two chapters are very short, we get a picture of King Joash’s life and accomplishments, his chief one being the restoration of the Temple. Whoever documented this achievement thought it very important to note how the money was used to pay the workers, not to build and add shiny things. Remember when Solomon built the temple, he used forced labor. Joash implemented a much nicer way of getting things done. It’s actually a wonderful example of modern-day tax distribution, and even though I now want to talk about the beautiful way governments are set up and how they are supposed to work, I won’t go there today, but you can see that Joash had a mind for business, but more importantly, he had a mind for fairness. The act of refurbishing the Temple and the way he went about it is probably the main reason he got two chapters in this book.

Writing prompt: side story

Write a side story, something that could have happened, about Joash and his time as king. Alternately, look up the Hopi and compare it to Jerusalem, either during Joash’s reign or how it is today.


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