Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Kings 20

Hezekiah’s reaction to Isaiah’s prophecy in the last part of this chapter wasn’t quite what I expected. How would you react if you were just told your sons basically would be kidnapped and emasculated and that everything you own would be stolen? Hezekiah was like, meh, well, at least we’ll enjoy some peace and quiet. I guess he’s tired. He has had it kind of rough, and he’s just recovered from a big ol’ boil that nearly killed him. Gross. And scary. Don’t let your boils fester, people. There’s a deeper lesson in there somewhere, I just know it. Hezekiah probably experienced it. He received 15 extra years (and a fancy fig salve that must have felt heavenly) because God saw his grieving heart. This reminded me of an experience I had a few months ago when I felt God clearly telling me something I didn’t want to hear. at. all. I grieved about it, and it wasn’t long before I felt God’s mercy just completely wash over me. He didn’t move the clock back for me or anything like that (well, in a way, I guess He kind of did! Another story, though.), but my sense of relief was just as powerful. From the text, it feels like after Hezekiah was back on his feet and knew for a fact that God was real and on his side, he kind of just took everything with a grain of salt.

“Hello, Babylonians! Welcome! Let me give you a tour of my bank vault and show you where I’ve stashed all my spare cash and jewels and give you keys to my treasure boxes!”

“Oh, so you say those guys were playing a trick on me and that one day they will not only rob me blind but also end my lineage by torturing my sons? Alrighty then. At least we survived!”

When we consider Hezekiah’s attitude, we have to take into account what Hezekiah has been through up until this point. His kingdom is just barely a kingdom. The ONLY thing he can do is put it in God’s hands. He knows this, and after what God has just shown him, Hezekiah is ready and willing to do just that. He’s done. He’s down to his last nerve. He’s had it with humans and knows that God’s will and way will prevail. But through prayer and relationship, Hezekiah also has learned that God is merciful, compassionate and approachable. We often forget this characteristic of God, but God is approachable. He not only lets us speak directly and draw near to Him, but He invites us to do so daily, whenever and wherever we feel like it.

Writing prompt: approachable

Chat with God today. Write out a conversation. Approach Him. Worship Him. Thank Him. Catch up with Him. Tell Him your thoughts, and hear what He has to say back to you. Enjoy.


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