Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Kings 24

God is so done, you guys. He’s exiled Israel. He’s exiled Judah. He’s left only the poorest of the poor (v. 14) in Jerusalem, and He’s left what’s left of them an evil king. Will they ever get it? One promising thing God did do, however, is He left a few of His people intact. He left them an evil king, yes, but a king nonetheless, and having a king means you still have a kingdom – God’s Kingdom, in this case, and we all know He only needs a remnant to get things going again. I was taking notes of what is happening as we near the end of the Book of 2 Kings and comparing them to God’s promises way back when, even since the Samuels, when we read about Saul becoming Israel’s first king. So much has happened since then, huh? But we have to remember that God warned Samuel and the people of Israel about electing a king. Man, it all went haywire, didn’t it??? The people thought it was such a good idea, and in theory, we could understand why. The people of this era, where we’re ending 2 Kings, don’t remember a lick about those days. All they know is kings who worship all kinds of gods, fight over treasures and oppress their own citizens. They have little clue that there is something better. No one has told them, or maybe they know so little that they don’t know how to move forward. Either way, God is proving His point from centuries ago: He is the only King the Israelites need.

Writing prompt: what do you see?

As we near the gloomy end of 2 Kings, write about what you see as a whole from the last few chapters and books.


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