Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Chronicles 6

I was more imagining Ezra stooped over a desk, sorting through record books and recording the annals of history by dim lamplight rather than concentrating on the actual text today. It’s a beautiful picture, really. I was thinking about 2 Kings 22 when Josiah’s high priest found the Book of the Law in the Temple. It was like a big lightbulb flipped on over his head. Then, I skipped forward in my thoughts to what we are reading now, and I thought about why Ezra went to the trouble of documenting all these names, most of which mean little to us today, in terms of recognition. But as I’m reading through each name and lineage, I feel an importance. Do you? It’s like I’m reading it, not really knowing who on Earth all these people are, save a very select few, but somehow I know the effort to record all this is vital to humanity. And I was thinking about how Ezra knew that, too. I wondered how long it took him to compile this book. Just the opening chapters alone had to have required very in-depth research, reading and studying. It’s super impressive to envision, especially since Ezra didn’t have ancestrydotcom.

Writing prompt: impressive

Write about someone who has impressed you like Ezra impressed me today, or write your thoughts about Ezra’s efforts to record the OG of family trees.


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