Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Chronicles 8

I’m kinda scratching my head to find anything to write about from Chapter 8. I did underline that Shaharaim was divorced in verse 8 because I thought that was interesting. Divorce isn’t a topic that is discussed a lot in the Bible, which is a bit ironic because it is one of the biggest no-nos in today’s Christian world and has been for many centuries. I am divorced not just once but four times, and man, oh, man, did it used to be hard to sit in a roomful of Christian couples celebrating their long-time wedding occasions and not feeling like a total loser. Never did anyone shame me openly for being divorced, but I did have to endure a few pointed remarks, which caused me to feel bitterly towards those individuals for a while but also eventually led to me accepting that God has accepted me, divorced and all. It doesn’t matter what the Earthlings think of me. I know where I stand down here on all fronts. Plus, once my dear, dear friend Helen Barrett told me, “The Bible says God hates divorce. It doesn’t say God hates divorced people.” So simple. I miss Helen. Now, I want to write about Helen. We were newspaper buddies, but we never really spoke during our newspaper days. We developed a nice friendship through Facebook, though, and we used to have some pretty good chats. Helen retired and was doing her thing in a yellow Corvette and on the beaches of Florida when she passed away while snorkeling. What a way to go, right??? I could write a WHOLE lot more about Helen and what an impressive lady she was, but the one thing for which I’ll always be grateful is that she changed my heart, mind and soul about divorce, and I feel God put her in my life to do just that … and more, of course, which she certainly did.

Writing prompt: divorce

The topic of divorce was just something I gleaned off today’s reading, so I invite you to elaborate on divorce today in any way you fancy or write about something unique that stood out for you in this chapter.


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