Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Chronicles 17

From one humble man to another, what an intimate chapter this is. Just look at it: first, you have God telling David He’s perfectly happy living and being honored in a tent. Then, you have David telling God that he still feels like a little shepherd boy and can’t EVEN believe he is king of all Israel. It’s a powerful conversation, at least how Ezra has recorded it. Who knows exactly what was said. I don’t think these quotation marks around the words in my Bible denote actual dialogue, but I do think these words were inspired by God when they were written. Ezra probably didn’t even know it when he was writing them down. It seems, at least to me from a writer’s point of view, that he was just recording historical documents and telling great stories about the things he had found. Now, we get to pick it all apart and analyze it thousands of years later. Ain’t literature great? I used to think about authors like Hemingway and Fitzgerald and Steinbeck and Angelou as we sat through class after class in high school and college analyzing the whys and whens and “hidden” meanings behind the text of some of the greatest authors, and I’d wonder if they even thought about any of these things at all as they were penning the copy that sat before our eyes. And as I got older and started writing more, I realized, no. No, these authors absolutely did not think about 99.9% of the things we deduce about their copy years after they’ve written it. Why? Because I don’t do that with my copy when I write it, and if you’re trying to do it with yours, I suggest you stop it. Just write. Write from your heart, and others will interpret it from their hearts later.

Writing prompt: heartfelt

Write from your heart today. Don’t worry about punctuation, grammar, typos, meaning, message, … nothin’. Just write.


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