Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Chronicles 25

Have you ever known a musical family? I have known a few, but I am thinking of one family I know in particular. Like, every member of their family not only plays at least one instrument, but they all play their respective instruments like champs. Beautiful music they make. I started thinking about them as I was reading this chapter and how the musicians all came from one family, basically. Can you imagine? But it kind of happens that way sometimes, doesn’t it? I’m sure if I were musically inclined, I’d want to pass those skills onto my children, and if I practiced a lot at home, it probably would just come naturally to them, or at least a few of them. Of course, there would be those oddballs who wanted to study economics or something instead of studying the cello, and that would be ok, too. Notice how not every single member of the families who were appointed musicians actually served as a musician. Each family from the 18 lots cast appointed 12 family members each. So, obviously, not every family had exactly 12 family members, and those numbers grew through the years, so we can sort of assume that the 12 chosen musicians most likely were the best of the best, and many of them, if not all of them, wanted to serve in this capacity. Nice, huh? Especially for the economics kids.

But back to knowing musicians and being a musician. In my high school years I played the flute, and when I was younger I took piano lessons. I never got exceptionally good at either one of them, but it was good to be able to read music and play a ditty. Plus, my experiences with my fellow band members and piano teachers are irreplaceable. As I’m typing this now, I can hear our upstairs neighbor tickling the ivories. I think it’s our neighbor’s daughter, actually, but I can’t be sure. She practices every weekend for several hours in the mornings, and I just love it. If you’ve never picked up a musical instrument or been able to read sheet music, you might not relate to any of this, but I hope you get a little better picture of what it takes to be a talented musician and how important and dedicated the musicians appointed during King David’s reign were to the entire kingdom.

Writing prompt: flute

Write about any instrument you’ve played ever in your life, whether it be a toy drum when you were a kid or a violin in an opera. Tell us a story about a memory you have with a musical instrument.


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