Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 1 Chronicles 28

When I first thought about David handing over the plans for the Temple to Solomon (v. 11), I envisioned him handing his son a piece of paper or something. But, duh, just look at all the stuff it included! David didn’t just hand over some ideas scribbled on a page; he gave Solomon what likely was a small (or possibly large) book. A booklet. And everything included in it probably took David years, or at the very least months, to finalize. He included every little detail, and if you’ve been reading with us to this point, you’ll remember reading these details in 1 Kings. Here, though, Ezra packages up all those little details that he probably just read himself and summarizes how they came to be and how they were passed down. It’s sort of a summary of a summary, isn’t it? I love when writing and math have an interlude. And the chapter itself is just beautifully written. It captures the moment, even while shortening it from its original text. Can’t you just feel David’s passion as he addresses the whole of Israel and announces the heir to the throne and a super humongous project that will give people jobs and purpose? Oh, man, it’s moving, even in just these few short paragraphs. It’s also a signal that great change and a new era are on the horizon.

Writing prompt: plans

How did you envision the plans that David gave to Solomon in verse 11. Describe them in detail, and tell us if your vision of them changed after reading the entire chapter and today’s post.


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