Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 1

You ever wonder why some people just got it and other people don’t? I think about it all the time. Solomon, in all his deep thinking, probably wondered it, too. I was thinking about his request for wisdom in this opening chapter. We all know Solomon. We know him to be a man of great wealth. We know him to be the heir to David, therefore inheriting an already established kingdom, solidly funded and at peace, who receives great accolades for asking God for wisdom. He is greatly admired and remembered for this request. As I was reading today, though, I had a thought that had never occurred to me before: like, what else was he gonna ask for??? He had everything! But truly, Solomon, could have asked for a million different things. He could have been greedy and said he wanted even more riches and territory than he’d already inherited. He could have asked for a million lady friends. He could have asked for a lifetime supply of Dr. Pepper. But he didn’t. He asked for wisdom. And here’s the most beautiful part; he didn’t just ask for wisdom so he could know stuff and lord it over people. He asked for wisdom to lead God’s great people in a way that will protect and prosper them as well as honor the God who lives among them. I pick on King Solomon sometimes … mostly because I’m jealous, but I mean look at his life. Who wouldn’t want it? But Solomon is different than a lot of people, probably even his own brothers who were in the running for the kingdom he received. Maybe they all were as humble and thoughtful as Solomon, but something tells me they weren’t. And that’s why we admire him so much today. Yep, some people just got it, and other people just don’t. It’s what they do with it, though, that cements their actions and integrity in history.

I was thinking about one of my son’s friends after reading this chapter and contemplating Solomon’s position and heart. My son had a little buddy in high school who inherited his own kingdom, so to speak. His family was well to-do, and he always had the finest of the finest, the newest of the newest and the most money in his wallet of any of the rest of the boys in the crew. But I tell you what, if you didn’t know that about him, you’d never know it by hanging out with him. He was the nicest, most polite, most humble young man. I just loved him. I loved all my son’s buddies, actually. There were a couple I wanted to flick on the noggin once in a while, but I think they turned out alright. I guess my point to all this is that Solomon no more asked for his responsibilities and wealth any more than my son’s friend did. It is the humbleness in how they managed their possessions that is impressive.

Writing prompt: impressive

Write about someone who impresses you with their humble nature.


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