Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 2

We’ve talked about teamwork and the importance of each member of a team in chapters past, and this chapter brings up that theme again, at least for me anyway. I’m always amazed at the manpower it took to build the temple, and I’m even more amazed at the guys who get mentioned for the “little details,” like being able to work with purple, blue and scarlet cloth. Solomon hit the jackpot with Huram-abi. Like, this guy was skilled in all kinds of stuff, but still, he couldn’t build the Temple on his own. Imma take a minute to humble brag and give myself a pat on the back because I just had an experience that made me feel on top of the moon, but it also made me realize the absolute importance of my teamies. Sooooo, recently I’ve been a part of a cool project, and that project got a shout-out on LinkedIn from our company, but not only did the project get a shout-out, but a few of us who were involved in it got tagged. Now, there are dozens of people working on this project, but only a handful of us got tagged. I should clarify that point because honestly, my jaw just dropped when I got a notification that my company had mentioned me in a post. I thought surely LinkedIn was just baiting me with some weird click trick, which worked because I clicked on it straight away, but then I saw for realz that my company had tagged me in a post with a link that goes to an article which gave me a million migraines but was totally worth each and every one. I’m honored to be a part of this project and the incredible team behind it. I guess that feeling and realization made me wonder if that’s how many of the Israelites felt. And I wonder if they realized that one person, not even Huram-abi with all his giftings – not even Solomon himself! – could have built the Temple. I don’t know why a few of us on that team got tagged in that post, and I don’t know why Huram-abi gets the spotlight shined on him in this chapter, but I know it took a whole bunch of people doing things I could never, ever do to get our work project off the ground, and I know the building of the Temple required way, way, way more capable hands to build.

Writing prompt: project

Have you ever been honored as part of a team that completed a successful project? Write briefly – like a sentence or two – about your duties but then dedicated the rest of your writing today to the duties of your teammates.


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