Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 4

Something weird happened with this post. I’m telling you I wrote it out. I know I did because I specifically remember giving a shoutout to Huram-abi and his teamies. But I can’t find the thing anywhere. I went to share it in our Facebook group, and it had disappeared from my notes. Poof. I searched high and low. I have been known to add the wrong numbers to titles, like 2 Chronicles 4 I could have saved as 1 Chronicles 4. No dice. It’s gone, guys, so you’re getting a) excuses for why I’m not trying to recreate my thoughts about Huram-abi and b) well, I was trying to think of a good example for b, but it just ends up looking like a. Anyway, basically my thoughts on Huram-abi were that while he gets the mention in the Bible, he undoubtedly didn’t do all these things by himself. He had a big team to help him get things done. I also may have mentioned in my first, now-lost post that I recently was part of a large team that got a shoutout during a huge company meeting. I didn’t get recognized by name, but a few people heading up the project did, and man, oh, man, it felt so good!

(Edit: Now, that I’m reading back, I have no idea what happened here. I’m cracking up at my laziness and confusion. I write these ahead of time and edit/post them in later weeks. My apologies, but I’m leaving it because it goes to show that some days your writing, your journaling, … your life … just doesn’t go like you want it to!!!)

Writing prompt: shoutout

Write about a team project where only one or two people got a mention but dozens of other people were involved.


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