Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 10

Imagine what life was like for the Israelites at the end of King Solomon’s reign. Man, it was glorious. The Lord was with them. They were wealthy. They were at peace. They had the world by the tail. Then in walks King Solomon’s snotty-nosed, spoiled rotten, privileged son Rehaboam. What a jerk. And his friends are jerks, too. It’s a total shame and super sad to read how he turned the whole kingdom on its nose in just a matter of paragraphs. This chapter actually sums up the beginning of a war that is still raging on today. The chapter also gives young people kind of a bad rap (rep? I’m still confused about how to use that term!) which is kind of natural in every generation because let’s face it, young people can do some really dumb stuff. I know because I was one of them. But you know what, young people can do some really cool stuff, too. Rehaboam’s father was a great example, and I can think of a few real-life examples of young people doing great stuff today. So, I don’t want to judge today’s up-and-coming leaders based on Rehaboam’s actions, but at the same time, we shouldn’t overlook how his actions, and the actions of others, can affect generations to come.

Writing prompt: low battery

The battery on my Bluetooth keyboard is running low and blinking, and all I can think about is typing fast and getting through this post before the battery dies. I know. TMI. I’m hurrying! Here it is … in contrast to Rehaboam’s bad nature, write a story today about a young person who inspires you and others. Whew! Made it. Charging now. Have a great day!


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