Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 18

If this chapter sounds familiar, it’s because you read it back in 1 Kings 22. I had a look, and there is really hardly any difference between the two narratives. Ezra sums up Ahab’s death a little more rapidly than Jeremiah (?) did in 1 Kings, but really, that’s about it. Because of this chapter, though, we get to see the prophet Micaiah at work, and besides here and 1 Kings, we don’t get to see him in any other places in the Bible. Yes, I looked that up! In fact, I had to Google it because my Bible index didn’t even include Micaiah, which I thought was strange, but then the references I found on Google (ok, I only read Wikipedia and a few meta descriptions that said basically the same thing) only cited 1 Kings 22. I didn’t find anything about Micaiah being mentioned here in 2 Chronicles. Odd? I think so. But also interesting. He prophesied the death and ruination of one of the most famous evil rulers of all time. Yet, he barely gets credit for doing so. That was a good reminder in humility to me this morning.

Writing prompt: reminders

Did today’s reading remind you of anything? If so, write about your reminder or expand on Micaiah’s story by reading more about him. (Well, there’s not a whole lot to read, but you have the tools and background you need to read between a few lines.)


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