Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 20

So, Jehoshaphat was a good king. If you read with us yesterday, you’ll know I was wondering if he’d been labeled good or evil but couldn’t find any reference in the books of Kings where we first read his history. I’m wondering now, though, after reading this lengthy tale that spanned four chapters, why isn’t Jehoshaphat more “famous?” He was a pretty righteous guy. He had the blemishes of making peace treaties with enemy nations, and while we know why it was wrong, we also know he did it with good intentions. Yet, how many times did you study Jehoshaphat in Sunday school? How many songs mention Jehoshaphat? Perhaps it’s his name that makes him a difficult subject to star in his own epic saga. I mean, Jehoshaphat is pretty hard to pronounce, spell and even remember. I’m being sort of sarcastic but not really. As an old, wise copy editor, I know there is much in a name. One word can change the world, literally.

Writing prompt: Jehoshaphat

Write a story, a song, a prayer, a Sunday school lesson, a parable, a poem … anything … about Jehoshaphat today.

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