Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 22

I love this story so much. I remember it from 2 Kings, and I wished then what I wish now – that it was bigger and longer and full of more details. But, alas, it is not, and we just have to use our imaginations about what happened during those years young King Joash was hidden away. How did Jehosheba and Jehoiada act when they were around Athaliah? What was the moment like when they finally brought Joash out of hiding? Oh my. I bet it was good. Many a fairytale have been written based on this story. Well, I don’t know if they were actually based on this story, but it’s an example of how rags to riches stories may have started. And I say rags, but I’m not sure Joash ever lived like a poor kid. He was hidden away, yes, but still being raised by one of the kingdom’s top priests and his aunt, who was a member of the royal family, so I’m guessing he didn’t live in a dark, mice-infested closet while being forced to eat weevil-ridden white rice and chase it down with dirty water. Know what I mean? So, while we don’t have all the details, we do have a lot of information, which allows us to think more deeply about what Joash may have felt like when he was hidden away and then thrust into the spotlight.

Writing prompt: fairytale

Write your own rags to riches story today. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Enjoy, and count your blessings.


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