Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 23

Scene 23. Take 2. Annnnd … action! I love this story so much. I find it ironic that it’s so action-packed and full of goodies, yet it’s really not a story we ever hear about in terms of Christian history. I’m betting many a screenplay have been loosely based on the events that took place, but I’m also betting most writers who use this type of plot in any story don’t have a clue that the “lost-and-found king” story has roots in the Bible. I bet even more people don’t know that for a time, Judah was run by a woman who was not part of the Davidian line. Queen Athaliah herself would make a most interesting main character in a story. She sounds like a real witch. Remember, she would have been married to Jehoram, who was the product of Jehoshaphat’s treaty with Ahab. In other words, he was a terrible dude. The kingdom basically threw a party when he died, and unfortunately, his son, Ahaziah, wasn’t any better. He didn’t last a long time before he was offed, and having killed the rest of his brothers, his mean, mean mama Athaliah took over the throne … for her baby’s sake, I’m sure. She was a horrible person, and nobody liked her, not even her son’s own sister (we don’t know if they had the same mother), who kidnapped her baby nephew before he got bonked on the head. It’s a plot that begs to be nurtured and expanded!

Writing prompt: nurture and expand

Write a short story about other events that may have taken place during this time period.


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